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Belonging, Believing, and Becoming that is our passion here.

Belong: Find a place where you Belong- Belonging to the family of God

Believe: Believe that Jesus of Nazareth is God

                 Believe that Jesus knows your weaknesses and died for you

                 Believe that Jesus rose again

                 Believe that you are created in the image of God and so are valued.

Become: Become the person God created you to be.



Everyone has times of need and a time to be supported by friends and family. If you have a burden or a need please let us know. Drop us a line on the contact form and we will stand with you in prayer.

Elders / Seniors


Most of our family here are Seniors.We have many members who are snowbirds, those winter visitors we love. Don't be shy come on over and worship with us.

Sunday school


Our Sunday School meets at 9:am on Sunday Morning. We have a dialectic look at the Scriptures. In other words we discuss a passage of the Bible and as Iron sharpens Iron so we sharpen each other.

Wednesday afternoon at 4:PM we have a midweek discussion and currently are looking at Church history and how the Christian Church has made an impact on the world.

Worship Style

Our Worship Music leader is a classically trained musician who was a singer in a professional singing group. Joni Carlson is an amazingly gifted singer and musician and on occasion we get to hear more of the family lead us in song.


The Worship music is from the hymnal and most are songs that you have known for years.

Community service


We believe in the Great Commission and support several ministries

Counseling is available

We have emergency food

We have outdoors ministry to share God's creation with a world who needs to know the creator.

Internet radio

Always room for the ministry that the Lord has called you to.

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